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What can I do if I have a duplicate account? - Knowledgebase / Registration & log-in - European School Education Platform Support

What can I do if I have a duplicate account?

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Do you see some of the following symptoms? Then you might have a duplicate account.

  • I can find myself in the Networking area, but it has a different picture than in my profile.
  • I cannot create an eTwinning project or project idea, even though I can find an account with my name that is 'eTwinning validated'.
  • I logged in to the new platform, but I don't see any of the schools or projects that I had on legacy.

What can we do about a duplicate account?

Unfortunately, we can not merge accounts. Instead, we offer the three options below.

Keep the old account that was imported from legacy, delete the new account

This is the recommended action if you had an account on legacy with many activities (projects, TwinSpaces), and have hardly started using the new platform.


  • Your new account will be deleted.
  • All your activity linked to this new account will be deleted. Please see below what is lost when deleting an account.
  • We make sure that you can access to the old profile (that was imported from legacy) with your existing EU Login account. Even if you can no longer access the email address that was in your legacy profile.

Delete the old account that was imported from legacy, keep the new account

This is recommended ONLY IF you had (almost) NO activity on your legacy account, and are using the new platform intensely.


  • Your old account will be deleted.
  • All your activity from the legacy platform will be deleted. Please see below what is lost when deleting an account.
  • As prizes and labels are awarded based on previous activity, you might not be able to apply or qualify for the labels and awards.
  • You will not have access to any labels or awards you or your school previously earned.
  • Your fellow teachers, users who joined a project or group that you started on legacy, will lose access to these projects/groups and the content in them (on the new platform).
  • You will keep access to your new account, by using your existing EU Login username and password.

Keep both accounts, and get access to both

This option is not ideal, but can be useful if you had important data on legacy and also have a lot of activity already with your new account.


  • No data from either platform (legacy and new) will be lost.
  • You will need to have 2 EU Login accounts, each with their own unique email address. If you have only 1 EU Login account, you must create a second account.
  • You will have to make 2 choices:
    • Which EU Login account do you want to use most often?
      • If you already had an EU Login account before the launch of our new platform (e.g. if you use it for Erasmus+ activities), we recommend using this account as your 'main' EU Login account.
      • If you created a new EU Login account for the European School Education Platform, it doesn't really matter.
    • Which European School Education Platform profile do you want to access most often?
      • If you have a lot of activity in the account imported from legacy, we recommend using that account on a day-to-day basis. The account/profile that you don't select as your daily driver then is kept only as a back-up.

What does it mean to delete an account?

  • The groups you created with this account and the projects of which this account is the Founder (not: co-founder) will be deleted. This means that the projects/groups are no longer available, including their content.
  • The organisations you created with this account will be deleted.
  • The above points also affect users whom you worked with:
    • eTwinning groups and eTwinning projects that you started and which someone joined will no longer be available to them
    • they will no longer be member of organisations that you created
  • The content (polls, images, posts) that you created/added to project or group (not just your own), as well as your project ideas will be deleted. The means that other users can no longer view, save or interact with that content.
  • The account will be removed from the groups and projects that you had joined with the account. This doesn't affect the other users - except that they won't be able to see your content any-more.
  • Your EU Login account is not affected. Only the account data on the European School Education Platform gets deleted, your EU Login username and password will still work.

How to proceed if you have a duplicate account

eTwinners, please contact your National Support Organisation.

If you are not an eTwinner, you can reach out to us via our contact form.

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